8 TOP TECH GIFTS for Hanukah 5777

Anki Cozmo Robot

This high-tech miniature robot is equipped with personality, face recognition ability, and an awful lot of smarts! Displaying a character all its own, the robot gets lonely, angry, mischievous, and competitive not because a button has been pressed to set him off, but because of who or what is in his environment. This tech toy has little forklifts for arms, caterpillar tracks to speed around on, a tilting head with a built-in camera, and ...(more)..


Births - Baby Boy

Rabbi Yosef Chaim and Molly Yoffe

Rabbi Yaakov and Esther Hafif

Jason and Pauline Abettan

Danny and Dorette Madalawi

Gary and Sheri Saff

Danny and Lauren Ohnounay


Births – Baby Girl

Rabbi David and Jamile Debbah

Rabbi David and Flory Semah

Joey and Sophie Grand

Moussa and Sofia Saideh

Louie and Tamar Levy

Elliot and Elizabeth Hirsch


Bar Mitzvahs

Victor, son of Joey and Cleme Saideh

Yaakov, son of Rabbi David and Galit Azar

Jacob, son of Michael and Danielle Sabbagh

Shlomo, son of Rabbi Chaim and Rivka Wadiche

Abe, son of Chaim and Rivka Setton

David, son of Abe and Pamela Sayegh

Yosef, son of Abe and Barbara Zonana



Elliot Safdie to Deborah Semah

Eddie Jemal to Rochelle Kassin

Moshe Seruya to Judy Betesh

Seymour Escava to Sarah Gemal

Charles Naggar to Diana Haddad

Moshe Tobal to Irah Semah

Sam Shrem to Gail Cohen

Moshe Boskila to Rachel Toledano

Isaac Nakar to Molly Abitbol 

Mayer Ashear to Sally Shweky

Albert Ayash to Marjorie Sasson



Steven Gindi to Chana Franco

Ezra Ashkenazi to Sara Tobal

Coby Sabbagh to June Dayon

Moshe Franco to Andre Franco

Jimmy Betesh to Miriam Halawani

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