Jewish Affection

Past Articles:

Homegrown community activist Joseph Hayon, has announced his candidacy for Congress in New York's 9th District on a platform which promotes school choice – an issue very close to the hearts of Jewish families. Speaking at the Queens Village Republican Club, Hayon discussed his beliefs and how he hopes to make a difference for New Yorkers.

Emphasizing how our religious freedom in this country is slowly disappearing due to the “Liberal agenda,” Hayon cited several examples of people who were forced to violate their religious beliefs to satisfy the Liberal definition of “freedom.”

In addition, Hayon mentioned that he absolutely opposes the current health care bill for various reasons, including, but not limited to, his strong objection to taxpayer-funded abortion and to allowing a governmental committee to decide what treatments and benefits participants would receive (HR 3200, page 30, sec. 123).

Hayon will be running against incumbent Anthony Weiner, who has long been a friend to the Sephardic community. The upstart candidate points out, however, that Congressman Weiner’s stand on many domestic issues from school choice to the preservation of marriage are out of sync with Jewish orthodox values.

For more information, visit Joseph Hayon’s campaign website,