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“To match couples together is as difficult as the splitting of the sea,” – Talmud (Sotah 2a).

Not everyone is lucky enough to find their beshertwith ease. For some, the dating ritual can be exhausting
and disheartening.

Adele Cohen, Debra Eddi and others are hoping to change that. They’ve embarked on a venture known as Lifematch, to aid the many single men and women in our community who are still looking for their mates. The founding members of Lifematch have a network of resources at their disposal and use everything they know to bring singles together.

After two years of informal meetings, Lifematch has amassed 200 profiles of singles from Deal, Brooklyn, and Florida. Their descriptions and life stories span the spectrum, including older, divorced, young, Ashkenaz and Persian people. Last summer, the group successfully partnered with Sephardic Link, according to Lifematch’s Debra Eddi. They enjoyed an enlightening afternoon in Deal, pooling their knowledge and brainstorming on their clients’ behalf.

Often, says Eddi, Brooklyn shadchans overlook the wider net of dating potential available in New Jersey. “It’s a big problem. There’s a stigmaattached to Jersey – ‘it’s so quiet; there’s nothing to do,’” she says, summing up the common complaint. “The stigma bothered me so much. That’s another reason I wanted to get involved. I want the community members here in Jersey to realize that we exist.Don’t forget about us as an option,” she commands them.

Adele Cohen, another Lifematch member, came to be involved after experiencing the “wonderful feeling” of setting up her niece. “I was always trying to help and think of somebody for other people. There’s a need for it in Jersey,” she says.

Lifematch meets with singles in person, so as to get a true sense of who they are. From the outset, clients are told that they can use the organization as heavily or as minimally as they are comfortable with. “If they want us to be a middleman we will be, but we don’t have to stay in the process,” Eddi says. “We let them take it from there once the first date has been set up.”

With Hashem’s help, Lifematch will be another successful avenue through which singles in our community find their besherets. We commend them for the necessary and important work they are doing!

To contact Lifematch, email them at: Lifematch36@gmail.com

Growing From Tragedy:
The Seven Sassoon Children Commemorated in Video Presentation

On Rosh Hodesh Nisan, in memory of the one-year anniversary of the death of the seven Sassoon children, Jewish women gathered nationwide to watch a video centered on how we might grow from the tragedy. Shaare Zion in Brooklyn housed 800 women for the presentation, which was shown in 34 locations throughout the United States, Canada, and Israel. The video, entitled “Turning Tears into Triumph” featured speeches by Rabbi Shlomo Diamond, Rabbi Paysach Krohn, Rabbi David Ozeri, The Novominsker Rebbe, Rabbi Avrohom Schorr, and Mrs. Gayle Sassoon herself. In the face of familial destruction, the Sassoon family believes in rebuilding with more strength and purpose than ever before. It is Mrs. Sassoon’s dream to build a center of joy and happiness on the site of thefire. Dubbed The Sassoon 7 project, all donation made on the night of the video presentation were put towards that purpose. May this new center come quickly to fruition, becoming a symbol of hope and renewal to all who venture there.

Monetary Donations Can Be Sent to: Sassoon 7  1820 Avenue M, Box 207, Brooklyn, NY 11230.

School Security Program to Begin
in the 2016-17 Academic Year

Last month, Mayor Bill de Blasio officially authorized Councilman David G. Greenfield’s school security program to begin in the 2016-17 academic year. The law, which for the first time ever will provide security guards for New York schoolchildren attending non-public schools including yeshivas, will have highly-trained, licensed security guards protecting students by September.

Any non-public school with at least 300 students will be eligible for a security guard. Schools with more than 500 students will be eligible for two security guards, with an additional guard authorized for every additional 500 students.

“I am thrilled that after years of fighting for security in all of our schools, it’s finally official. Starting this September, parents who send their children to yeshivas…will have peace of mind knowing that their children have trained security officers in those schools,” Greenfield said.

Parents who want to know whether their children’s schools will participate in the program should reach out directly to the school administrators, Greenfield said. Non-public schools are currently being contacted by the Department of Citywide Administrative Services with information about the enrollment process for this historic security guard program.

Dedication of the Evening Study Program of Bet Midrash Aram Soba by Mr. Joseph M. Franco

In the heart of Jerusalem, in the neighborhood of Har Nof, there is a vibrant and successful congregation of Syrian Jews who have come from abroad to make Israel their home. Under the leadership of Rabbi Max Sutton, Congregation Aram Soba invests enormous energy to preserve our traditions, customs and unique way of life. The father-and-son minyan brings our youth into the fold, encouraging their participation.

Elementary students learn to read from the Sefer Torah, Tehilim, Megilot, and more – all according to the Syrian tradition. The girls’ programs include sewing lessons,
ballet, aerobics, arts and crafts, and other wholesome educational experiences.

Bikur Holim Aram Soba assists members of the congregation in their time of need by providing the ill, elderly, and needy with sustenance or financial assistance.

In the Bet Midrash, the community’s most elite group of scholars are training to be future judges. Each student has been carefully selected and is privileged to a unique style of learning which blends Talmudic study with halachic ruling. The students regularly give their learning practical application, as they participate in the decisions delivered by the organization’s Bet Din. The program includes monthly testing on the material studied and yearly testing by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.

After judging over 1700 cases, and submitting decisions after thorough research and deliberation, Bet Din Aram Soba has earned its fine reputation for dedication to Torah justice. This Bet Din services our community, as well as other communities worldwide, on a daily basis.

The latest project of Bet Midrash Aram Soba is the inauguration of the evening study program. We wholeheartedly thank Mr. Joseph M. Franco for his years of devotion to the organization and for the dedication of this program.  His sons, Morris andAlbert, initiated the project, and we are proud to publicize that the program is active and productive. Visit the Aram Soba Torah Center on your next trip to Israel! You’ll be fascinated with the work that’s being done.  

For more information, or to makea dedication, contact Mr. Marc Franco at 732-721-0022 ext. 5193.

Good Food at your Doorsteps is Only
a Click Away

Over the past several months, shoppers at Breadberry, a new trendy Brooklyn supermarket, have observed a professional team of photographers taking pictures of the store’s popular takeout department, and grocery products. With the help of the award-winning Brooklyn technology start-up “My Cloud Grocer,” the supermarket was in the midst of preparing for the launch of the Breadberry Online Shop.

“Customer service is our number one priority,” says Mr. Gluck, the supermarket’s owner. “Whether it is improving our gourmet takeout menu or finding ways to offer great weekly specials and everyday low prices, we are constantly thinking of how to better serve our customers.”

Some Breadberry customers like having the option to shop groceries by brand and sort the products by price. Others enjoy the fast and intuitive search option and the “Specials” section, where they can see all of the store’s specials, even the ones that didn’t make it into the store’s weekly flyer due limited space.

“Our personal shoppers are instructed to choose the best quality products for all online orders, as if they are shopping for themselves,” says Chaim G., Breadberry’s manager. “It took months of hard work to set up our online shop, but when I see happy customers, I understand that it was well worth it”.

“We are excited to be able to help service-oriented, professionally-managed supermarkets such as Breadberry expand online and offer their customers a fresh and convenient way to shop,” says Dan Dashevsky, Chief Operating Officer at My Cloud Grocer. “One of our biggest challenges was to show the online shopper Breadberry’s mouthwatering prepared food items. More and more shoppers these days choose to buy groceries online, and we strive to create for them the shopping experience that is similar to their favorite brick and mortar store.”

Until recently, supermarkets weren’t even thinking about offering an online shopping option to their customers. The technology was not ready and customers were skeptical. Now, even Brooklyn residents away from their computers are conveniently shopping on their smartphones. Through the fast and mobile friendly Breadberry.com, their groceries are delivered to their doorsteps, saving time for what really matters.

New Synagogue Opens for New Jersey Residents

Introducing The Ilan Shul’s Logan Road Minyan! Located on Logan Road (corner of Roseld Ave.) inside of Ilan High School, in Ocean, New Jersey, the newly renovated synagogue is led by Rabbi Sion Ozeri.

The Orthodox minyan welcomes Sephardi and Ashkenazi members at every level of religious observance and is open to both women and children. Plus, there are no membership fees required.

There are Shabbat services as well as minyan services during Jewish Holidays. Shabbat morning prayers starts at 8:30 AM.  Congregants are also invited to a Shabbat afternoon class given by Rabbi Ozeri, followed by seudah shelisheet.

As an added plus, surrounding properties in the area are poised for new home buyers. Priced generally between $250-500K, they may be an attractive option for those looking to buy a home near a synagogue. Readers are encouraged to take advantage of these “sleeper” prices, as well as the welcoming spiritual environment of the Logan Road Minyan. 

For more information, contact: Morris Cohen, President at: cohenmo@aol.com

Chazaq Big Event Draws Big Names
in Torah, Politics, Entertainment

Queens College’s Colden Auditorium was filled to capacity for the second year running as local Jewish outreach organization Chazaq held its 4th Annual Big Event. Living up to its name, everything about the event was “big,” from the size of the audience (over 2,000 in attendance), to the high-profile personalities involved, to the Torah concepts invoked by the evening’s speakers.

The borough’s leadership was well represented, with several
NY State Assemblymen, senators and city council members making appearances. The presenters also included U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer.

“Chazaq is such a wonderful and extraordinary organization,” declared Mayor de Blasio, “It is so important to support Chazaq because [they] have touched so many lives and strengthened the community in so many ways.”

After the mayor’s thoughtful opening address, an invocation was offered by HaRav HaGaon Yitzchak Yisraeli, the newly-appointed head rabbi of New York’s Sephardic-Bukharian community. The rabbi blessed Chazaq’s founder and director, Rabbi Ilan Meirov, as well as his brother (and Chazaq’s head of operations) Reb Yaniv Meirov.

Anchoring the line-up of esteemed orators were Rabbi Dr. AvrahamTwerski and Charlie Harary, a prominentinvestor-turned-motivational speaker. Rounding out the evening’s programming were musical performances by Rabbi Avi Kilimnick and Yeshiva University’s a cappella sensation The Maccabeats. Group member Eytan gave a brief solo performance, including the song “No More,” a heartfelt tribute to Naftali Fraenkel, Gilad Shaer, and Eyal Yifrah, Israeli yeshiva bochurimwho were abducted and murdered in 2014. After a brief address by Senator Schumer, the entire group took the stage and offered rousing renditions ofpopular Jewish songs. The revelry was a fitting conclusion to the inspirational evening.

“This year’s big Chazaq event was, Baruch HaShem, a great success,” reflected Yaniv Meirov. “But now we must focus on continuing our work within the community on a smaller scale.” This, Meirov explained,means “doing more for local Jewish public school students.”

“We attract and inspire many boys and girls throughout the year, some of whom we successfully put in yeshiva, and many who have sincerely changed their way of life in positive and spiritually uplifting ways. But there are so many more kids to work with. And to do that we need the community’s continuous support, as this is truly a matter of pikuach nefesh.”

Fresh New Look at Ahi Ezer Yeshiva

Exciting news spread as the esteemed board members Mr. Bunny Escava, Mr. Aslan Bawabeh, Mr. Albert Ayal, and Mr. Eli Levy, along
with school administrator, Mr. Jesse Mizrahi, arranged to have a fully renovated building at Ahi Ezer Yeshiva. The fresh new look adds color and stimulation to the daily routine. The lunchroom is elegant and the library is newly modernized, filled with new and updated reading material for all grade levels. A brand new state of the art science lab is coming soon.

The pre-school program at Ahi Ezer provides a safe and nurturing environment to all students. Students thrive in an innovative setting that fosters creativity and independence while exploring Jewish values. The children worked diligently on making beautiful and personal haggadotfor Pesach, while the toddlers learned about the holiday through arts and creative visual performances.

All children at Ahi Ezer Yeshiva develop skills in all areas and engage in all sorts of tasks that stimulate their minds; from musical and social skills through block building, arts and crafts, computer, music and many other educational activities that fills their day with fun andlearning. Ahi Ezer uses these actions to teach different concepts and really bring learning to life.

Last month at Ahi Ezer, the first grade students worked very hard preparing for their exciting Siddurplay. Each and every student participated so nicelyin singing songs they learned, bringing joy to Hashem as well as their proud parents and teachers. At the end of the play, each student took home their very own individual siddur. The girls had the biggest smiles on their faces as they received their gift. The cherry on top of an amazing day was the cake in a shape of a siddurwith the words inscribed, “Mazal Tov Kitah Aleph”, which was enjoyed by all of the students and their guests.

And the adventure didn’t end there.  The annual Bat Mitzvah celebrationwas a truly enjoyable and glamorous event.  There was a big party where parents and family members were invited to celebrate this memorable milestone with their girls.  Highlights included singing, dancing, baking challah, and a concert performance. Each girl was presented with their very own personalized book of tehillimand a precious scrapbook which they have been putting together throughout the year.