January 2018

Featured Articles:
United States Recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital - Dave Gordon
Rabbi Shteinman, Humble Giant Serving Gd and the Jewish people for 104 full years - Rabbi Shraga Simmons
Is There Life on Other Planets? - DAVE GORDON
Sanctity of Jewish Cemeteries in Algeria in Danger - Bernard Fryshman
Travel Tips for Winter Break - Ellen Geller Kamaras
Sephardic.org Website Launched to Provide Information and Inspiration to Community Members Worldwide - DAVE GORDON
The Breath of Life - Norman Balassiano
Travel Gadgets and Gizmos
Home is Where the Is - Karen Behfar
Improve Your Kids’ Handwriting – A Skill for Life - Hudi Schweky
Community Unites Around The Azan Family
Wow! What a Simha! Siyum Masechet in December!
PROPEL Hosts Graduation Ceremony
Halacha Hotline Provides Lifeline for Community Members Worldwide - Machla Abramovitz
Our Special and Unique Community Traditions - Sarina Roffé

  December 2017

Featured Articles:
Mohel Rabbi Mordechai Mozes – A Model of Service to All Communities - Machla Abramovitz
Diversity of Opinions Under Fire on U.S. Campuses - Dave Gordon
Fall off Your Eating Plan? It's Okay – Just Get Back on ASAP - Norman Balassiano
8 Top Tech Gifts
Home is Where the Is - Karen Behfar
Miracles and Lights – A Fresh Approach to Celebrating Hanukah with Our Children - Ellen Geller Kamaras
Netillah - A Gift for Life
From Egypt to Brooklyn: An Escape to Freedom - Frieda Schweky
Yahalom Seminary Bridging the Gap - M. Eliezer
Hanukah Dessert, Served in a Ball - By Between Carpools

  November 2017

Featured Articles:
What Messages Do the Recent Natural Disasters Hold for Us? - Eliyahu Saltzman
Community Volunteers Save Lives at Hatzalah of the Jersey Shore - DAVE GORDON
A Look At The New Era of US-Israel Relations - Machla Abramovitz
When You Do the Math – Dieting Can be as Easy as 1-2-3! - Norman Balassiano
What Really Goes On in the Brain of a Sleeping Baby? - Maayan Kfir
Advanced Weaponry - Tuvia Cohen
HOME is where the heart is.... - Karen Behfar
Do What You Love for Those You Love
Sephardic Heritage Museum: The Life and Escape of the Jews of Syria - Sophia Franco